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[20 Jul 2009|06:39am]
I was too hype to even go to bed at normal time last night. Daigo takes champ at Evo2K9.


As much as I dislike SF4, it is the game that seems to unite and bring in both new and old players. I like BB for what it is, but it can never top any SF game or even Marvel 2.

[28 Apr 2009|10:22am]

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[18 Apr 2009|09:13am]
Yet another great session up in MD at Alex's last night, this time Spanky and Russ tagged along. Noticed that those two and DevilJin01 got MUUUUUUCH better since the release of SF4. Had a chance to play on DJ's ghetto custom briefcase joystick which didn't feel all too bad at all. Spanky recently started a blog to keep up with his progress and experiences. This man came from being a casual VF player, leveled up his game and started to get serious with the rest of the crew, started up SF4 as a Cammy player and then made a switch to Chun.

Link: http://fryingoverajungle.net/
Promoting that shit and hope some people are encouraged by this if you really want to improve and step up your game(Kevin, Kp, Dre, and you too BILLY). Be it serious casual or serious tournament player.
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[02 Apr 2009|07:53am]
Can't wait for this documentary

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[01 Apr 2009|09:09am]
So it's settled, MH Unite this (possibly) June.


[20 Feb 2009|09:38am]
So far, I really like SF4. Sessioned with Ek and Brice last night til about 4am this morning. Ek's chun so far is pretty damn solid, I love it and I hunger for that SKILL UP. Took today off to rest, chill, and play more SF4.
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Oh god [26 Jan 2009|01:26pm]
More stick goodness from Hori coming to the 360. This time all seimitsu parts:


o parts [22 Jan 2009|07:42am]
Last Friday, ordered 10 buttons for the orange HRAP.
This past Monday, ordered 10 more buttons for the green HRAP.
This morning, ordered 8 more buttons for the 360 EX HRAP.

So in total I spent about $100 in Sanwa buttons. I was thinking about Seimitsu replacements since they're not as sensitive, but I got use to using Sanwas and I kinda liked the sensitivity/the sexiness.

Oh and


[24 Dec 2008|07:47am]
Thanks to Sam, I have Little Big Planet now.

[08 Dec 2008|07:41am]
RE5 is the SHIT. Online AND offline split screen co op.
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HD REMIX. OH YOU WANNA THROW?! [26 Nov 2008|08:06am]
Bought it yesterday on PSN. Played it with Brice, Millionz, and Andy from 8 to 12 last night. Pretty lagless when we played and you can invite up to 5 people to join a room. The game is pretty much the same; 'cept for the redrawn alpha-ish sprites, easier inputs for certain moves (SPD, T.Hawk's throw, Fei Long's funky kicks) and supers, some moves have different properties (E.Honda's Jab headbutt eats fireballs, Sagat's tiger knee juggles like how Face does in Battle Fantasia), and they also added a choice if you want to play Original ST or Remixed ST. Oh yeah, the remixed music is pretty great as well. I would say more about the game and changes, but you can check that out on David Sirlin's site. I'd say get it if you're a fan of old school SF or if you want to play something that's a little bit 'new' to the fighting game scene.

Oh yeah, buying this again on 360 as well.

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[18 Nov 2008|08:23am]
On the subject of Arcade sticks, my Arcade in a Box stick came in on Saturday. 8 way Sanwa stick, 6 sanwa screw in buttons, and curved Japanese layout. Tested the stick out with Ben and Andy on Battle Fantasia. Feels really nice to play on, but the only thing that's bad about it is that the a and b buttons are on top and and the x and y buttons are on the bottom. Oh, and the wires are soldered onto the metal points on the buttons, so I'm gonna have to desolder them and get metal spade connectors.

[17 Nov 2008|11:30am]
So Amazon is about to sell some HRAPs for the 360. Some of you might wanna get in on this shit, unless you wanna mod your EX sticks then that's fine too.

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[27 Oct 2008|01:14pm]
Bored at work,so I went ahead and found some decent reading material about fighting games.


I recommend Play-To-Win by David Sirlin: http://www.sirlin.net/ptw/
Found it a while back, very good read.

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KICK DIS NIGGUH [12 Oct 2008|10:22am]

Man, I love marvel HYPE.

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[30 Sep 2008|08:09am]
Went ahead and gave my deactivated wow account to an old Gametime buddy, Derrick. Fuck wow and expansion, I'd rather play SC4(LOL). Made too many bad social decisions back when I started to get real into it (around 2005-2006ish?), and the account ain't worth shit since most of the gear is outdated anyway.
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[16 Sep 2008|08:27am]
Since Hori EX RAPs are pretty much hard to come by for the 360, I might get a home built one from arcade in a box. They're a bit pricey (200 bones total for quality parts), but it's not too bad. I was thinking about ordering one earlier this year but the only problem is that they only came in true arcade style, which was pretty much an XBOX HUGE stick. Now they come in slim size, which is about near the size of the Hori RAP.

Here's the link: http://www.aiabstore.com/main.sc
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[02 Sep 2008|08:41am]
[08:34] Geoff: anti-kyokugen team
[08:34] Geoff: damn
[08:34] Geoff: niggas straight hatin
[08:35] ME: Yeah man
[08:35] ME: Got a ninja that's hatin just because
[08:35] ME: a girl hatin because her dad's ass got beat and never came home since
[08:35] ME: And some other nigga I can't remember
[08:35] ME: But he hatin
[08:37] Geoff: hahaha
[08:37] Geoff: You need to write the summary for all of SNK's storiies
[08:37] Geoff: that shit was brilliant
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[20 Aug 2008|08:52am]
Bionic Commando Rearmed is the shit. Very well made remake indeed.
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[10 Jul 2008|08:18am]
VF5R is the shit, but too bad we won't get to see it in about a year or so (probably never). Noticeable changes with everyone, specially Jeffry.


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